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Linkers and Loaders

This is the web site for Linkers and Loaders by John R. Levine, published by Morgan-Kauffman in October 1999, ISBN 1-55860-496-0.

The source code

The code is available here.


Page 26: second paragraph, delete "using the table pointer register as a base register:
Page 33: last paragraph, first line, delete "addresses"
Page 98: the table of segment locations is incorrect. Corrected version:
main1000 - 20165000 - 531f6a4c - 6a9b
calif2018 - 29375320 - 55376a9c - 6b9b
mass2938 - 2f4c5538 - 58376b9c - 73db
newyork2f50 - 42df5838 - 6a4a73dc - 87db

Page 104: third paragraph, sixth line, "assignment" should be "alignment"
Page 146: project, fourth line, "exported files" should be "exported symbols"
Page 147: project 6.3, first line, "directory" should be "file"
Page 170: first line, "the data" should be "the data address"
Page 180: second paragraph, last line, "decimals" should be "decimal"
Page 181: Figure 8.7, "3000 andy" should be "5000 andy"
Page 215: second line, "offset The" should be "offset, the"
Page 216: fourth line, replace sentence starting "This is a" with "The linker uses the symbol size to determine how much data to copy."
Page 226: Exercise 10.2, fourth line, "calls" should be "names"
Page 241: last paragraph, second line "into logically" should be "into a logically"

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